Kiiwii Makes a Triumphant Return with ‘FEELZ’

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After a much-anticipated and lengthy hiatus, the sensational artist Kiiwii is back with a bang, dropping his latest masterpiece, ‘FEELZ’. This comes after his last release in 2021, ‘My Crew’ ft lil 5ive which is perhaps the toughest drill and trap crossover the country has heard. ‘FEELZ’ is a testament to Kiiwii's extraordinary talent and evolution as an artist. With a distinct blend of genres and a refreshing sonic approach, the track showcases Kiiwii's signature style while pushing boundaries to create an unforgettable auditory experience. As fans eagerly waited for Kiiwii's return, ‘FEELZ’ comes as a breath of fresh air, reinvigorating the industry with its infectious energy.

‘FEELZ’ is available on all major streaming platforms and digital stores, making it accessible to fans worldwide. Kiiwii's return to the spotlight promises to be a momentous event, with ‘FEELZ’ poised to dominate the charts and capture the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide.

About Kiiwii:
Kiiwii is a young and promising Nigerian Afro-trap recording artist/songwriter who hails from River, Port- Harcourt, Nigeria. He is currently signed to the Jagoban Entertainment, the records label of Lagos’ greatest lifestyle influencer, Rahman Jago. After spending time with alt vanguards, Santi and L.O.S., the skilled musician has been creating songs since 2016. Kiiwii returns with a hard-hitting blend of drill and trap that stresses the hustling lifestyle that Lagos encourages and celebrates achievement with pals after amassing
significant success with his first song of the year, ‘’Amazing’’ released on February 2021.