Ambrose Tjark

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Multi-disciplinary artist Ambrose Tjark is a truth seeker with creative disciplines that stretch as far as dance performing, choreography, styling, designing and many more. Based in Lagos, Nigeria, he dwells in the art world while organising lifestyle events and serving its community as a fashionable humanitarian. 

Photographed by Wale Adebisi

We were given the opportunity to catch up with the influencer so he could reveal his visions for the future and let us into his world for a day. Ambrose has undeniably a great eye for fashion and it opened doors for him we couldn’t imagine. This allowed him to step even further than just styling and got him a hand in costumery for the finest of creative projects across the country. For this reason, we want to offer his followers a closer look into the wild character that is Ambrose Tjark. 

As a fashionable environmentalist who indulges himself into community work and building the future of tomorrow, we were curious to know in his own words, what are some of the values that make him stand out.  

‘Striving and working hard towards being myself and staying true to my identity and values make me stand out.’

In terms of whom he has frequented in the past perhaps during an event and he admires dearly, Ambrose interestingly had this to say;

‘I admire quite a number of dope craze minds in my industry but westdelifestyle is top tier.’

Life can be challenging even for someone as extraordinary as Ambrose and therefore, it wasn’t surprising him sharing the following as advice for those still struggling with their careers;

‘Best lesson I’ve been taught so far is you have to face your fears… One day you will eventually have to face it no matter how long you run from it, no matter how you try to escape from it. Anxiety or not, whatever that’s bound to happen must happen… You either choose to fight or not.. Eventually, you’d have to face it.'

Photographed by Wale Adebisi

From the looks of his social media, Ambrose is a very busy man and there must have been moments in his career that stick out and he will always remember.

‘Hmm, I have a couple of really proud moments in my career. This is quite tough but for this moment, I’d say this past 14th of December 2022 in Terrassa Spain where I alongside my friends, the super rich kids premiered our new theatre piece titled ‘Afrikan Party’. In a short period, 3 weeks to be precise, we came up with an hour thrilling piece and we got a sold out outstanding ovation. It was indeed a proud moment because of me, also being that I did the costuming and styling. Mentally and emotionally, I did a lot for me.’

It is safe to say Ambrose doesn’t shy away from any opportunity that comes his way! We wondered what kept him on his feet along the way and who he looked up to for support.

‘Mehn! I remember why I started in the first place. I remember the ones I’m on this journey with/for because it’s no longer about me anymore. My ancestor, Love Divine aka picture Kodak is a major drive as well. Her demise gave me a re-purpose as to why I’m on this journey of art, really. All the creative dope kids on the streets, especially in Bariga keep me going as well.. The dream! The vision! They don’t let me give up even when I want to but I just can’t... I just keep going despite the pain, confusion, stagnancy, road blocks, denial, betrayal, disbelief…’

A great group of friends always goes a long way. What about where does Ambrose get his fashion sense from?

‘My greatest source of inspiration comes from the land, the land I’m standing on right now, my heritage, my identity, my ancestors, my soul.’

Since the current rise of the Nigerian entertainment industry, the proud nation makes proof of their impact and influence upon its people and the world. Speaking of abroad, we wanted to know a celebrity Ambrose could see himself working with.

‘Honestly right now, my dream collaboration would be Kanye West.’

Surely not a challenge for someone like Ambrose! Perhaps he can already envision himself at a certain height in a few years.

‘Actually, I’ve stopped answering this question of where I see myself in 5 years. In 5 years, I will just see a better man, a better grown artist, a more inclined mind to the truth/source living the life just as it is meant to be as ordained by my ancestors.’

Photographed by Wale Adebisi

Showing that a man of true character can also be very stylish. As final words he would like to share with us and his fans.

‘I want to say let’s spread love more. Whatever we do, in all that we do, love is the answer. As easy as it sounds, it’s also the most difficult thing to do especially to my fellow black brothers and sisters, we all need to be united. Together, we will be happier and stronger.’