ABAGA VELLI is Destined For Greatness

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As a brand as sleek and timeless worn by the likes of Skepta, Obongjayar, Rema, Ashley Walters, just to name a few, ABAGA VELLI is surely destined for greatness. Founded by creative director Adémidé Udoma and co-founder Diallo Hasmat-Ali, ABAGA VELLI meaning 'Art Brings Access, Grants Ascendance' can be best described as a dialogue shared across creative communities. From the execution to the imprint it leaves with addition of captivating visuals and moving images, the London-based clothing line has more to offer than just tangible goods.

Sensei Apex and Ashley Walters by Udoma Janssen

With a brand philosophy where ‘less is more’ and the craftsmanship of garments aimed to last, one thing about ABAGA VELLI is clear; they are here for the long run. First coming to intuition in 2019, the fashion label was formed as Diallo had proposed Adémidé to join him on a clothing project. Previously to the pair joining forces, Adémidé had his foot in tailoring due to him persistently utilising his mother’s cloth machine back in Nigeria. Aside from an eye for detail and a touch of gold, the collective have been known for keeping a low-profile and as a result, letting their creation speak for themselves.

Lookbook photographed by Michelle Helena Janssen

For their first collection, ‘COUP 001: ALL ROADS LEAD TO THE HORN’ brought up a conversation in the fashion industry that was not held before and much needed. At first glance, the ready-to-wear collection did not seem to push the envelope and created pieces beyond what ABAGA VELLI were already known for; however, it was its resonance through details that made it more than meets the eye. This is because while the first lookbook was presented at London fashion week, all materials were sourced around the world and it is proof that the duo caters for purposeful inventions and not trying to be loud and persuasive. One of their key messages through clothing is paying emphasis on sustainability, motive and durability. Through each attire, it is as if one is wearing a piece of the world, communicated in a fashion that is simple yet, personable and draws an audience who desires to be part of an on-growing family.

That being said, I believe an important regard that is worth mentioning is that ABAGA VELLI is evidently for the culture, for the people and a language spoken throughout creative communities. On their official YouTube page, they dedicate a large amount of content to members of the fashion label in different cities such as New York, Paris and more. This includes the guest appearances of friends, emerging talents and strangers they have met throughout their journey. Although its roots stand from the busy city of London to the vibrant nation of Nigeria, the brand travels further than imaginable and reaches the hearts of individuals who chant similar morals and values.

In conclusion, there are many more reasons that ABAGA VELLI sparks for greatness and is expected to become a staple for the average person and fashion enthusiasts alike but, one thing is sure; the pair will continue to be true to themselves and express their concepts through a multitude of art directions as pure as they come.