Adaorah Shines at Coke Studio Live Performance

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Nigeria's next big Afrobeats star ADAORAH continues to mesmerize audiences with her starpower and boisterous personality. Born in Onitsha, Nigeria and raised in Chicago, Adaorah’s musical journey from classical opera prodigy to Afrobeat sensation is both captivating and inspiring. 

Her latest performance with Rising Lab x Coke Studio further solidified her reputation as one of the most exciting new voices in Afrobeats music today. Her confidence and electrifying presence is visibly tangible, and you could see when she immediately took command of the room. Dressed in a vibrant powder blue jacket and pink mini skirt paired with tall white boots, Adaorah looked every bit the star she is, ready to deliver a performance that would leave a lasting impression.

For her Coke Studio session, she performed her latest single "Time Na Money," which features the legendary Mike Okri and also samples his iconic song of the same name.  "This track has been in the making for two years, and creating it was a labor of love," Adaorah explains. "Once we got the greenlight from Mike Okri, I jumped on a plane and headed to Lagos to work with him and Spellz to create this fantastic jam." As expected, the song was a hit! Playing on the top radio stations across Nigeria and debuting her official music video on MTVbase, Soundcity and TraceTV, "Time Na Money" is a song that will have all generations jamming and singing along.

In addition to her latest single, Adaorah's past singles include "Rock My Borry," "Slow Down," and "Peace of Mind" which all showcase her versatility by blending Afrobeats with elements of Pop and R&B. Her talent is boundless and her fans, also known as the "Adaorables," are always left in awe of her stage presence and vocal prowess. 

The music world is eagerly anticipating what Adaorah will bring next. As she continues to break boundaries and bridge cultures through her music, we know her stardom will only continue to rise across the globe. In the meantime, fans can revel in the magic she brings by watching her Coke Studio Performance below. 

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To follow Adaorah's journey, follow her instagram Adaorahble and look forward to more unforgettable moments from this rising star.