Breaking Records, Breaking Norms: How Platoon and Femme Africa Are Changing the Tune of the Music Industry

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In an industry traditionally dominated by male figures and perspectives, She Runs The Boards,  an initiative by Platoon, is a powerful platform that amplifies the authority and potential of female talent in the music industry. In the second iteration of She Runs The Boards, Platoon partnered with Femme Africa, an organization with similar goals for addressing systemic barriers faced by women in music. In this piece, we reflect on the impact and significance of this partnership in shaping a more inclusive and equitable music industry in Africa. 

She Runs The Boards was created by Platoon’s Linda Ayoola, Head of Music, Africa & Services; and Grace Hsiu, Senior Manager of Artist Strategy as a play to help improve the quality of representation of female and non-binary songwriters, producers, and engineers within the African music industry. It aims to create a safe and open experience for newbies in music to connect with peers and mentors.

When asked about Platoon's partnership with Femme Africa for She Runs The Boards,  Linda Ayoola remarked; “Launching a writing camp to spotlight women creatives in Nigeria in partnership with Femme Africa has been nothing short of incredible. Together, we're breaking boundaries and championing cross-collaboration. This collaboration has enriched every participant, uniting diverse voices to inspire innovation and shape a brighter, more inclusive future.” 

Ayomide Dokunmu, Founder of Femme Africa, also noted; "We recognized the need for a platform that not only celebrates female talent but also provides tangible opportunities for their growth and success."

This collaboration is more than just a partnership; it's a movement towards gender equality in music. By joining forces, Platoon and Femme Africa are sending a clear message ‘Women belong at the forefront of the music industry’.

The success stories emerging from the first edition of She Runs the Boards are nothing short of inspiring. From collaborative music projects to newfound professional connections, participants have embraced the opportunity to showcase their talents and forge meaningful relationships within the industry. The second edition promises even bigger results.

Ayomide Dokunmu reflects on the initiative's impact, stating, "We've witnessed a transformational journey for these women. Through She Runs The Boards, they've not only honed their skills but also gained the confidence to navigate and excel in a traditionally male-dominated space."

The ripple effect of She Runs The Boards extends far beyond the confines of the program itself. By amplifying the voices of female artists, producers, and songwriters, Platoon and Femme Africa are reshaping the narrative of who belongs in the music industry.

Central to the success of She Runs The Boards is the careful selection of workshop leaders and mentors. Taymi B, Kemi Smallz, and other music industry heavyweights brought a wealth of experience and expertise to the second edition of the program, providing relevant guidance and mentorship to participants.

Leke Subair, Programs Manager at Femme Africa, emphasizes the importance of mentorship in nurturing emerging talent. "Our mentors play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of female leaders in music," she says. "Their commitment to supporting and empowering women is truly commendable."

As the curtain falls on the second edition of She Runs The Boards, Platoon is committed to evaluating the program's effectiveness and impact. Through feedback mechanisms and post-program assessments, they aim to continually refine and improve the initiative, ensuring its long-term sustainability and success.

She Runs the Boards is not just another diversity or equality program; it is a movement towards a world where women not only have a seat at the table but lead the conversation. Through collaboration, mentorship, and celebration, Platoon and Femme Africa are breaking down barriers and paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse industry.

Though the journey towards gender equality in music is ongoing, with initiatives like She Runs the Boards we are one step closer to realizing that vision.





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