Bryson Tiller Hits the Stage at Wembley Arena, London

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Last week, the UK welcomed Louisville’s own, Bryson Tiller, to its stages. Performing in major cities across the UK, we were fortunate to attend his final date in London at the OVO Wembley Area.

Draped in a jacket adorned with vibrant orange LED lights, he launched into a bold rendition of his 2016 hit, "Sorry Not Sorry." Seamlessly blending Hip-Hop and RnB, the crowd was hit with nostalgia as he performed tracks from his iconic 2015 album ‘TRAPSOUL’, as well as crowd favourites from his more recent self-titled album, including the infectious ‘Whatever She Wants’.

Prior to Tiller’s electrifying performance, DJ Nitrane stirred up the audience with his presence and a string of chart-topping hits that had the crowd singing at the top of their lungs. 

photographed by Setor Tsikudo

With his latest album release kicking off the month, the 19-track project ventures through a rich tapestry of R&B, Jersey, dancehall, pop, trapsoul, neo-soul, and hip-hop. It is a body of work that undeniably highlights Tiller’s versatility as an artist. With only two features on the album, fans were delighted to see Victoria Monét accompany Tiller on stage to perform their track, ‘Persuasion’. Tiller and Monét skillfully craft an irresistible synergy on this track, intertwining flirtatious lyrical misdirection with finesse.

It's inevitable to draw comparisons between his latest project and his earlier work. It’s evident that Tiller has veered away from conventional R&B, delving into and blending various genres and adapting to today’s trend of genre-less music. While unquestionably a remarkable project, fans who yearn for another offering akin to 'TRAPSOUL' and 'ANNIVERSARY' might find themselves disheartened by his shift in direction. With this in mind, Tiller ensured to perform songs from his entire vast catalogue, including megahits such as, ‘Exchange’ and ‘Rambo’, which had the entire audience singing along word-for-word. The crowd collectively held their breath when he launched into ‘Wild Thoughts’, possibly hoping for a surprise appearance by none other than Rihanna. However, their anticipation proved to be a tad too optimistic. Tiller was sure to give a shout out to the elusive mega-star nonetheless. 

Tiller strategically saved his fan-favorite hit, 'Don’t', for the finale of his performance, amplifying its impact on fans. Ending the concert with ‘Right My Wrongs’, the crowd were left overwhelmed with a sense of nostalgia. 

Photographed by Setor Tsikudo

Featuring only two backup dancers, the visuals directed all attention towards Tiller, allowing him to showcase his vocal prowess. The staging bore resemblance to a video game, aligning perfectly with the aesthetics of his latest album. While one critique mainly targeted the venue's lack of screens for those seated farthest away to enjoy the performance, Tiller's vocals still resonated strongly, ensuring that the energy was palpable throughout the audience.

His performance undeniably captivated the crowd, with fans singing along from start-to-finish. Tiller expressed his admiration for his UK fans affirming, ‘I will always come back to London, I promise you that’. Overall, the dynamic exchange of energy between the crowd and Tiller himself created an electrifying atmosphere that surpassed typical expectations for an R&B concert, resulting in an exceptional show.