Corteiz Makes History in London

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What started as a social media brand launched by Clint in 2019, Corteiz (written CRTZ) quickly developed into a movement of its own, shared with thousands of members in the youth community all around the globe. At first glance, it may look like success came overnight, however, the streetwear line is 5 years in the making, starting in Clint’s bedroom in 2017.  After its recent drop gathered crowds as large as a full housed concert - of eager young people on the streets of West London, it still begs the question; What is it about Corteiz that makes the brand revolutional?

Photos by Finlay Flint.

Even though not much is known about Clint’s background, one could argue that the streetwear brand draws inspiration from the likes of a young Jay-Z coming up with Rocawear in the late 90s. Moreover, from the choice of fabrics to the garment in use, one could imagine that the city of New York and its street culture played a major part in the development of Corteiz’ language & style. What makes the brand unique to this day is Clint’s unorthodox ways of displaying his work to the general public and choosing non-traditional methods to reach the consumers each campaign. When it comes to marketing, it is clear as day that the founder does as he pleases and while everyone is observing, there is no doubt in our minds that we can all learn a few things from this young innovator.

Photos by Finlay Flint.

On October 21st of 2022, Clint announced through social media that his next drop would occur on Saturday at 3pm. The fun of it all was that attendees were asked to bring exactly 99p to purchase an all black Corteiz cargo pants. Hours later and the news had already spread into everyone’s phone screen with some feeling excitement, and others frightened by the limited stock. The location was then revealed to take place at Shepherds Bush Green. Every long-time supporter seemingly got hold of the exact sum of 99p as demanded, however, no one could have been prepared for what was about to come on that following Saturday.

At 3pm on a cloudy Saturday, crowds of young devoted supporters stormed the streets of West London. From every direction you looked, they were thousands of young people running towards the meeting location, in hopes of buying one of the Corteiz cargo pants. The drop was a complete shut down and everyone seemed to be amazed by the size of its attendees, years of hard work realised by Clint.

Photo on the left by Ciesay-San. Photo on the right by Martin Mougeot.

After taking a long stare at CRTZ’s storyline, one begins to truly understand why the brand is as popular as it is today. On a quest to change the world and our understanding of streetwear culture, Clint manages the clothing line through the support and engagement of its community. One does not exist without the other and their draw parallels each step of the way towards an established fashion house serving its people. Clint’s goal is not to sell as many clothes as he can, but rather to grow in the size of followers who truly believe in Corteiz’ philosophy. When you look at how in tune with culture the CRTZ brand has become, perhaps that is what the originators of streetwear had in mind and would have wanted to see.