International Women’s Day Special: Dencity

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My Name is Etse Aliu & I’m a freelance Content Strategist 

For me, Culture within the context of the creative scene means tapping into and amplify things that resonate with your community and audience. It’s about representing and uplifting yourself as a creative in a way that resonates and impacts others like you. 

The creative scene in Nigeria is dynamic. There’s space for everyone to exist and thrive. In more recent times, the well of possibilities keeps getting richer and more exciting for us.

For me culture unwrapped means an acceptance and exploration of different cultures. An interaction between cultures and the discovery or innovation of new ways they can be expressed.

In our skateboarding community, we inspire and motivate each other. It's all about embracing diversity, celebrating each person's journey, and creating a welcoming space where everyone feels included. We're a team, supporting and pushing each other to reach new heights.