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Within a mere span of two years, Eem Triplin has swiftly risen to prominence, commanding attention with his resounding production and effortless distinctive flow. Hailing from Johnstown, PA, the 22-year-old artist initially dabbled in the production software, Fruity Loops, before embracing a serious pursuit of music in 2017. His triumphs as a producer stoked his ambition to establish himself as a standalone artist, a journey that ultimately led him to define his unique sound.

The turning point arrived with his breakout track, “AWKWARD FREESTYLE,” which ingeniously sampled Tyler the Creator's 2013 song ‘'Awkward’. The single has accumulated millions of streams across various platforms, ultimately catching the discerning ear of Tyler himself. Eem's momentum refused to wane, as demonstrated by subsequent chart-toppers like “Just Friends?” and “Let You Know,” featuring a collaboration with $NOT.

After releasing his latest EP titled “STILL PRETTY,” a compilation of seven tracks impeccably produced by Eem himself, alongside DJ Dahi and Charlie Myles, we encountered the budding artist during his inaugural visit to London. The essence of Eem's production flair and lyrical prowess resonates profoundly across the entirety of the project, exemplified by tracks like “FEEL BOUT ME” and “WASTED TIMES.” Reflecting on the creation process, Eem elucidated, ‘It was just me doing me... making a bunch of sounds that I like and putting together a collection of songs that I had sitting around’.

Photographed by Zekaria Al-Bostiani

Eem fearlessly reveals his genuine essence in his music. In the track “WASTED TIMES,” his lyrics flow, ‘Don't wanna cry but this shit get so deep, so deep / Just hold me / You know I'll be there anytime you lonely / You got my number, hopefully you phone me’. Eem embraces emotional turmoil within his music, and it's this unfiltered openness that has undeniably fostered a profound connection between him and his dedicated listeners.

The young artist is also notably recognized for his association with Florida-artist, $NOT. He made an impressive appearance on $NOT's 2020 project “Beautiful Havoc,” where he produced “Revenge,” a highly acclaimed track that received a visual treatment directed by Cole Bennet. This collaboration firmly established Eem as a prominent producer in $NOT's circle, and since then, the duo has continued to collaborate, most notably on the single, “Let You Know”. The roots of their connection can be traced back in the most authentic manner – “He came across one of my beats on YouTube, and that's where it all began”. Without a doubt, we can anticipate forthcoming collaborations from this iconic pair, as Eem confidently affirmed, “Of course!”. When asked on who else he would like to jump in the studio with, the young rapper mentioned “Sexyy Red”, a response commonly echoed by numerous artists this year.

Photographed by Zekaria Al-Bostiani

Frequently acknowledged as the underdog, Eem took the stage in front of a modest audience of thirteen individuals last September at Rolling Loud Festival New York. In just a matter of months, he managed to captivate the interest of thousands, showcasing his talent in a distinctly contrasting environment at Rolling Loud California in March. Additionally, he embarked on tour alongside Chicago-rapper LUCKI, a significant step in his career. This year also marks Eem Triplin's debut performances in Europe. When asked about the disparities between performing in Europe and the USA, he remarked, "The people in Europe are very excited to see you because they’re not used to seeing American artists (as often as Americans do)".

Yet, the 22-year old still holds his hometown of ‘Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’ close to his heart, affirming that it is still his favourite city to perform in. ‘My life and experiences in Johnstown are what led me to make the music that I make. The small town life was so boring that it inspired me to strive for something greater than what was available to me in Johnstown.’ There's no denying that an artist's hometown significantly influences their creative development, just as their culture does. When inquired about his perspective on culture, Eem articulated, “It means being you. If something is important to you then that’s your culture”.

Photographed by Zekariah Al-Bostiani

Despite coming from a small town, Eem Triplin is unquestionably destined for a remarkable future. It’s undeniable that he will continue to solidify himself as a household name of this generation and we eagerly look forward to seeing where his journey will take him.

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Creative Producer/Writer- Sophie Beeching

Assistant Creative Producer- Ahmed Idres (Haruki Designs)

Photography- Zekaria Al-Bostiani

Styling- Jay Tagle (Visualsbytagle)

Styling Assistant- Joel Mcdonald

Editor/ Art Direction- Adekemi Thompson