Elmiene Takes The Alexandra Palace Theatre

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Elmiene walked down the aisle and made his way to the stage as the lights went down at Alexandra Palace Theatre. The 22-year-old Sudanese British singer wowed the crowd as he performed for an hour, displaying his sensational vocals combined with his laid-back, easy-going comedic personality.

The show was described as a homecoming for the British Sudanese singer as he spoke to the crowd between songs. "This show is a homecoming. It marks a year since my first show at KOKO and almost two years since I started doing this." His rise has been played out since the release of a cover he did of D'Angelo's Untitled (How Does It Feel) went viral. Following that, there was the release of his debut single, Golden, a performance at the late Virgil Abloh, a stunning Colors performance and two of his EPs, EL-MEAN and Marking My Time.

Taking the stage for the hour-long show, he fully displayed his musical talent and was able to captivate the crowd with nothing more than stunning lighting production and the accompaniment of a really strong and solid band. 

Photographed by Joshua Malcolm

The setlist included his ever-growing catalogue, including fan favourites Crystal Tears, Choose You, Endless No More, Mama, and And Someday, and, combined with his comedic personality, he showed his richness as an artist. Watching this throughout the show felt like an enchantment he was able to capture 

Watching him alternate between his stunning vocal performance and his comedic and charismatic chatter between the songs, I realized that he is very much a down-to-earth artist who is not shy about speaking and connecting with his audience.

Photographed by Joshua Malcolm

If you are still determining status and talents for whatever reason, experiencing him live will tell you all that you need to know about everything he has to offer. He is set to continue his tour, taking the show to cities across Europe and then the US. We can tell you that this is only just the beginning of an exciting journey to come.