First Listen: OSÁ - Roll Bounce

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Nigerian-American singer-songwriter and producer OSÁ unveils his first complete project ‘Roll Bounce’ for the world to hear. Based in the busy city of New York and Nigerian by blood, the EP provides a perfect blend of both worlds, giving one a glimpse into the heartwarming yet sound-bending music extension of a promising rising Afrobeat artist. 

We offered the young man a first listen to take a look at the many musical influences he derives from and what important factors we believe makes him an artist to watch out for in the near future.

Surprisingly, OSÁ’s sonic efforts only began at the beginning of the covid outbreak. During quarantine, as a means to keep himself busy and his creative mind flowing, OSÁ devoted a large amount of his time composing and crafting his own signature sound. It was not until summer 2021 that he started to view this newly-found passion as a profession, releasing ‘Ijoya’ that same year. 

Throughout the course of OSÁ’s music journey, one of the main challenges he faced was the lack of access to finding the right collaborators who could sharpen his vision. As of late, Afrobeat has only started now to become an internationally known genre and for many Afrobeat enthusiasts outside of the African continent, it meant that they had to come up with ways to partake in this movement or create a beat from scratch. ‘Roll Bounce’ is a presentation of OSÁ hard work and commitment coming to fruition.  

Concerning the project, OSÁ added the following: 

“With Roll Bounce, I'm looking to bring people on a ride into a new era of music. Every track was made with the intent to give the listener's ear a fresh perspective on OSÁ the artist while showcasing versatility with different sounds. Learning and growing within my artistry has been a gradual yet thrilling process. These tracks are partly a representation of the past 6 months of creating music.”


Starting strong, the first track ‘Bad’ off the EP Roll Bounce is OSÁ placing his best foot forward. To give his audience a true understanding of the type of character he is and a taste of what is to be expected throughout this project, the Naija singer gives off a bad boy attitude over an Afro-lounge instrumental. For this instant, this naturally reminds one of Nigeria´s very own Wizkid and his current chill vibes that he has been portraying across his latest projects. OSÁ has made mention that the legendary artist has inspired him in the past and therefore, it isn’t that he makes use of certain elements reminiscent of the current chill approach by Wizkid.  

‘Talk Nice!’

On the other hand, the second track ‘Talk Nice!’ takes you into a completely different atmosphere. One of seduction and sombre sound, whilst OSÁ is attempting to strip down (sonically) a metaphorical muse. Although there has not been much change in tempo yet, this song provides everything you could think of for a club anthem followed by low whines. 

It is evident that through the content lyrics, OSÁ is not shy to express his admiration for his muse, referring to an intimate moment between them at a possible club, while the Roll Bounce artist is trying to catch her attention and feed off her energy. This proves that his output also takes inspiration from day-to-day situations which OSÁ is able to convey into music perfectly. 


Perhaps the most experimental track off EP Roll Bounce, ‘Trobul’ is an Afro-house inspired tune which can also be interpreted as a continuation of the previous song. Much like the second track, OSÁ is mainly focused on a muse that has seemingly filled his mind and therefore, has become trouble (Or Trobul). This is also the point where OSÁ showcases his versatility, proving not to stick to a particular sound and that he can unveil the same message however, in different approaches. 

Sonically, this song is meant to take one into another planet, where one can let go of the stress of the day and just enjoy the ambience of smoothing club-like energy. As much as it is relaxing, the track also sounds effortless with OSÁ coming out when needed in filling in in between immaculately.   

   ‘4 Me’ 

The fourth track ‘4 Me’ off the EP Roll Bounce explores the unique sound OSÁ was able to forge even further. Picking up the pace to expand his glorification to his muse, which has developed into something sacred and seemingly is of great importance to him, OSÁ is openly bending genres now, moving from Afrobeat to electronic takes. This could be a hint to his Frank Ocean appreciation, an American singer-songwriter often known for moulding different sounds to create his own universe.  

 ‘Pull Up’

Arguably a fan-favourite since its release in late 2022, the final track ‘Pull Up’ is OSÁ’s groundbreaking take and perhaps the one that will place him on the map. With a music video equally as cool as the vibe this song is able to bring on its own, this is a perfect addition into OSÁ’s growing catalogue and a splendid way to end a short yet worthwhile EP experience. 

Going back to his bad boy vibes, OSÁ gives off a similar vibe as the first track, yet a much more dull expression. It is hard not to hear this song and not wanting to dance along OSÁ’s few words. Aside from his lovey-dovey personality OSÁ has been able to display so far, he also makes use of a hard-headed character to express the opposite side of him, a cutthroat artist on the mic. 

No matter the sound he borrows and makes it into his own, OSÁ is only there to bring one thing and thing alone: a great time and positive energy. His music can be described as a breath of fresh air due to his unique upbringing and his many references. From the first track to the last, OSÁ knows how to keep it interesting and catch you by surprise, bringing forth a different side to him with similar yet elevated approaches to highlight his muse for example, or display his bad boy ways. 

This project is an indication of grand potential, bridging two worlds by finding a middle point in which OSÁ can reside and flourish upon. His differentiating factor? The fact that he can explore a variety of sounds and still remind us that it is him but in multiple forms. Much like OSÁ’s adventurous life, the music speaks for itself and makes proof of being a fulfilling, colourful, soul-catching sonic delight.