Interview with DJ KO for Deeds Magazine

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DJ KO: Yo, yo, yo, what's good? It's DJ KO and you're rockin' with Deeds Magazine.

‍Deeds Magazine: What should we know about you?

‍DJ KO: So, I think the most important thing to know about me is that I'm Nigerian and I'm from New York. If you know anything about New Yorkers or Nigerians, you get me.

‍ Deeds Magazine: What is your favorite music genre?

‍DJ KO: My favorite music genre is R&B. I feel like it's just always on the frequency I want to be on. I like to chill, not too much stress, and R&B is just that for me.

‍Deeds Magazine: Who are your dream collaborations?

‍DJ KO: Fun. Number one, really, like, I can't wait to make music with Arya Starr. Like, I feel like it's going to be really fun. And who else? Pharrell. That would be amazing. I feel like it would be crazy. Like I just, I just want one Pharrell hook. We'll do the rest. Just one Pharrell hook. Brazy. Yeah. Those are my picks. I don't think I've worked with her yet, but would look forward to it.

‍Deeds Magazine: What advice would you give your younger self?

‍DJ KO: Just be more honest with yourself. Like the sooner you're honest with yourself and are able to have honest conversations with yourself you'll know what you want more you will find yourself in front of the things that you want, you won't waste as much time, you won't beat around the bush. It'll be like a lot easier and more direct, you'll get to doing the things you want to do more, so like if you want something that's big like it's gonna be hard to get, so you're gonna have to put in a little bit of pain, so don't be too impatient just be prepared.