Kaytranada ‘Timeless’ Live at HERE at Outernet

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The release of Kaytranada's Timeless, a highly anticipated event since the Canadian artist hinted at its arrival, marks a significant point in his musical journey. Following the success of his 2019 GRAMMY award-winning album Bubba, it was clear that he was pushing his creative boundaries and evolving his unique musical identity.

Since the release of his last album, we've been eagerly awaiting Kaytranada's next musical offering. We've seen him travel and play shows worldwide and drop his 2023 Kaytraminé joint album. However, the anticipation for his new solo work has only grown, and fans alike have been waiting for the time to come. 

Photo: @ishashaphotography

There is a particular enchantment to a Kaytranada Remix. His name alone carries the promise of musical magic. Unafraid to venture across genres, his touch can transform any ordinary song into a dancefloor anthem. A live Kaytranada show is a vivid testament to this transformative power, leaving the audience in awe of his musical prowess.

 The release of Lover/Friend with Rochelle Jordan and Stuntin with Channel Tres was the beginning of this new era of Kaytranda, and from that moment, It was known that there was a new era on the rise.

Speaking to the London crowd about Timeless, I felt a heavy sense of gratitude and appreciation for all the support that he had received over the years. People will know that anybody present at the 2022 sold-out show at Brixton Academy was a night to remember. Still, all the time that has passed since then has been ingrained in my mind as one of the best shows I've attended.

Photo: @ishashaphotography

Being a part of the 'Timeless' experience and sharing it with the diverse crowd at the Outernet was a truly immersive and unifying experience, reinforcing the sense of community that Kaytranada's music fosters. 

The album itself is a standout moment. Kaytranada's knack for selecting top-tier artists for his features and remixes is evident in the lineup for this album. Reuniting with past collaborators such as Thundercat, Tinashe SiR, and Durand Berner, he also introduces new voices like Rayven Lene, Channels Tres, Dawn Richard, Childish Gambino, and PinkPantheress, to name a few.

With a distinct and unparalleled musical identity, a Kaytranada album is always a solid offering. Timeless is no exception. From the opening track, Pressure, to its 21-track, hour and 3-minute duration, the album delivers on what will undoubtedly be a Kaytranada summer and more.  

Photo: @ishashaphotography

The synergy between the album and the flow of which it is run allows space for all his collaborators to still work within the sounds their tracks exist on whilst also displaying their all musical talent to shine through without getting lost in the flow of things.

It takes you across a variety of sounds that touch on the variety of musical styles that he has weaved throughout his career, from the frunk and groove. It has a familial feel of what you would expect from Kaytranada while delivering something new and fresh.

Photo: @ishashaphotography