Korsah's Daily Bread Video Celebrates Roots and Rap

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In a captivating fusion of music and visual storytelling, Ghanaian rapper Korsah has taken the spotlight with his latest single, "Daily Bread." The music video is a captivating window into his life, artistry, and the early struggles that have shaped his path into hip-hop. Directed by Yinka Soda of Tinydoor, and produced by 610Music, the video captures the essence of Korsah's upbringing in Atonsu, his indomitable spirit, and musical ambition.

"Daily Bread '' opens with a poignant scene set in Korsah's school, instantly grounding viewers in the artist's formative years. This nod to his beginnings paints a vivid picture of the journey he has embarked upon, from humble origins to the cusp of international recognition. As the scenes transition, the video presents snapshots of his life, each revealing a layer of his narrative.

Viewers are seamlessly transported from Korsah's school days to his early experiences selling sachet water. This nod to his hustle serves as a precursor to his unwavering commitment to pursuing his dreams. He then transitions from water peddler to shoemaker. This pivotal scene highlights the artist's adaptability and the dynamic nature of his journey.

A particularly evocative sequence in the video depicts Korsah immersed in the creative process, writing music in a room adorned with posters of iconic hip-hop figures like Tupac and 50 Cent. This homage to his musical influences underscores his connection to hip-hop's rich history while establishing his unique voice within the genre. It's a testament to his appreciation for those who paved the way and his determination to contribute to the legacy.

One of the most heartfelt moments unfolds as Korsah raps passionately in the kitchen, which his mother lovingly allowed him to transform into a studio. This personal space encapsulates the essence of his journey: a fusion of family support, unwavering passion, and the determination to create art against all odds.

The video for "Daily Bread'' vividly visualises Korsah's story and appeals to viewers on various levels. From the vibrant streets of Accra to the intimate spaces that have shaped Korsah's identity, Yinka Soda adeptly captures the essence of each moment, weaving a cohesive visual tapestry that amplifies the power of Korsah's music.

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