Nigerian History is made!

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After 3 days of play, Nigerian chess master @Tunde_Onakoya made history by succeeding in his attempt to break the WORLD 🌍 RECORD for longest consecutive chess match ever. 

The 29 year old Nigerian native pushed on for a total of 60 HOURS in the heart of Times Square, thus breaking a previous record of 56 consecutive hours. Joining him was US Chess master, Shawn Martinez @pushingpawnsnyc. Rules allowed the two players to have one 5-minute break every hour. 

Onlookers were allowed to attempt one off games alongside his principal match, and supported in song, dance and donations. Thousands online and in person promoted Onakoya’s tireless effort while raising thousands for his non-profit organization @chessinslums.

Photographer @FloNgala stopped by the 50th Hour for highlights from the crowd.