Soft Life Ski

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In 2022, a group of friends ventured out to the slopes in search of new adventures. Although the experience of skiing was second to none, it was clear that there was something stopping it from being spectacular, the slopes needed Afro-Caribbean culture and vibes which birthed the idea of SLS (Soft Life Ski). Travelling to Valfrejus, France, the group quickly learned that skiing was not only something that was very enjoyable, but also something they picked up quite quickly with some practice. The joy and freedom from being on the slopes was something they've never experienced. Another ski trip later (March 2023) and through leveraging their social media platforms, they quickly realised that providing a ski experience similar to the one they shared as friends was something that was in great demand.

The SLS mission is to bring the Afro-Caribbean style partying, vibes and culture to the slopes! For a long time, winter activities such as skiing have been seen as highly exclusive and reserved for a specific demographic, however they plan to change that with their vibe, their music, their way!

The taster trip to Chamonix, France in March 2023 proved a great success. The group organised the whole trip by negotiating directly with hotels, provided ski equipment and lessons, took over bars and restaurants to provide a unique and curated experience for their attendees. Within the first week of marketing their trip they generated on their social media platforms (over 250k+ views across social media), they have since amassed hundreds of sign-ups for their upcoming trip in 2024.

SLS will host their summer closing BBQ in the build up to their 2024 trip. Their summer closing BBQ, which sold out in 3 days, will showcase how they plan on creating a vibe on the slopes. They’ll be releasing more information about their ski trip in 2024 in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on their social media pages!

Starting off as a small group of black skiers they aim to continue to grow this community tremendously. On their previous trips, people have come alone, or with a group of friends, and ended up building solid bonds and making new friendships.

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