Step into Yimeeka’s World

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Olayinka Owoseni, popularly known as Yimeeka, is a Nigerian Singer, Producer and Songwriter. Yimeeka is set to unveil her sophomore project “Yimeeka” on the 26th of April. The EP seamlessly blends Afrobeats, House, and Amapiano influences, featuring collaborations with heavy hitters like globally recognized singer-producer Pheelz, alongside rising House and Amapiano stars D3an and Smeez.  "Iro," Yimeeka's recent release, with its pulsating House and Amapiano grooves, is a captivating introduction to the EP's larger narrative.  The 6-track self-titled EP shows how Yimeeka views the world. 

We had the opportunity to have a hat with Yimeeka about her upcoming project and step into the world of this musical genius.

Deeds: How did you come up with your stage name Yimeeka?

Yimeeka: I came up with the name Yimeeka during a period of self-discovery. My full name, Olayinka, is shortened from Olayimika, which means "wealth surrounds me." It made perfect sense to me, so I went with it.

Deeds: You have been in the music industry for some years, as a songwriter, producer, and performing artist. Can you tell us how you got into music?

Yimeeka: Music has been a part of me from a very young age. I was in the choir and always felt drawn to music. However, my breakthrough moment came during the Covid period. It was a transformative time for me, and I even made my first album, "Alter Ego," right in my bedroom. Since then, I've been blessed with opportunities and connections that have helped shape my journey.

Deeds: Your EP is set to be released on April 26th. Can you tell us about the anticipation leading up to the release and what listeners can expect?

Yimeeka: The anticipation for this EP has been incredible.  Listeners can expect a diverse range of sounds, blending Afrobeats, House, and Amapiano. Each track tells a story, taking the listener on an emotional journey through love, heartbreak, and resilience.

Deeds: ⁠What was the creative process like working on this EP?

Yimeeka: This EP is a labor of love and has been inspired by my personal experiences and travels. I started writing this EP in my bedroom, and it evolved as I traveled to the US. I wrote different tracks in different cities, for example, I wrote "Iro" in LA and a different track in Miami.

Deeds: How did the collaboration with Pheelz come about, and what was the most exciting part of working with him?

Yimeeka: Collaborating with Pheelz was an amazing experience. He's not just a talented producer but also my best friend. We've known each other for years and this is not our first time working together. Working with him on this EP felt natural, like two friends jamming out and creating magic. The most exciting part was the synergy between us and the honest feedback he provided from his wealth of experience.

Deeds: How do you think your new music reflects your musical journey?

Yimeeka: My new music is a reflection of my growth and happiness as an artist and as a person. I've evolved both musically and personally, and that energy shines through in this EP. I've experimented with new sounds and particularly incorporated percussions to spread good vibes and make people feel happy.

Deeds: What message or feeling do you hope listeners take away from your EP once it’s released?

Yimeeka: I hope listeners connect with the emotions and stories told in my EP. I want them to feel understood, uplifted, and surrounded by good vibes. This album is my way of sharing my perspective on life and love, this is how I view the world,  and I hope it resonates with people on a personal level, I want them to see how Yimeeka views the world.

Deeds: As an artist in the Nigerian music industry, what challenges have you faced leading up to this EP, and how have they influenced your music?

Yimeeka: The music industry is constantly evolving, and one challenge I've faced is staying true to myself amidst changing trends. There's often pressure to conform to certain styles or sounds, to go viral or trend on tiktok, but I've always believed in staying authentic to my artistry. This EP is a testament to that belief, as I've stayed true to my voice and experiences throughout the creative process.

Deeds: How do you see your music evolving after this EP is released?

Yimeeka: My journey as an artist is always evolving, and I'm excited to see where it takes me after this EP. I'm constantly exploring new sounds and pushing myself creatively. Whether it's collaborating with other artists or experimenting with different genres, I'm committed to growing and evolving as a musician while staying true to my roots. I also plan to work on an all-female music project very soon.

Phootography: Asamaige Ogaga

Styling: Pat Ada Eze

Hair: Joke Lawal

Mua: Lolu Pinheiro