Skyla Tylaa

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Deeds Magazine: Skyla Skyla Skyla, so who is Skyla the DJ? Tell me about her.

DJ Skyla: I'm a female amapiano DJ. I did a little bit of house a while back, but mainly I'm into amapiano now. That's where my heart is.

Deeds Magazine: Yeah, why Amapiano?

DJ Skyla: When I first heard the sound, it wasn't just cool, it stuck with me. It made me happy. Even if I was in a bad mood, it made me want to get up. Even if you don't know the songs, you automatically want to get up.

Deeds Magazine: Tell me about your journey in being a DJ and your experiences.

DJ Skyla: It's been amazing. I get to travel a lot and see different people who listen to piano. It's not just in Africa; I've been to America, Europe, places you wouldn't expect. It's allowed me to travel the world.

Deeds Magazine: What are your biggest musical influences and how have they shaped you as a DJ?

DJ Skyla: Major League and Waffles have been huge influences. Major League's style of playing, with four decks, and Waffles' performance aspect, where it's not just DJing but a whole show, have shaped my approach.

Deeds Magazine: How do you ensure a respectful, authentic representation of amapiano sounds while infusing your flavor?

DJ Skyla: Growing up in London with its diverse cultures has influenced me. For example, my Caribbean roots might come through in my sets with a little remix or switch up if the crowd feels more Caribbean.

Deeds Magazine: How do you connect with your audience during a performance and what makes a great DJ set?

DJ Skylar: You have to read the crowd. If you can’t read the crowd, then you are playing for yourself. People come to watch the DJs play, not just listen to the music, so interaction is key.

Deeds Magazine: Have you ever had to switch up your set because the crowd wasn't feeling it?

DJ Skylar: Yeah, especially when I first started. You have to integrate your sound with what the crowd responds to.

Deeds Magazine: What's been one of the most memorable gigs or events you've played at and what made it stand out for you?

DJ Skylar: Opening for Wizkid at his debut label LA show stands out. And big Riri, Rihanna even complimented my set afterward, which was incredible.

Deeds Magazine: Is she one of your favorites?

DJ Skylar: Definitely. I admire her style, business sense, and stage presence.

Deeds Magazine: Can you walk us through your creative process when preparing for a DJ set or creating a mix?

DJ Skylar: This is gonna sound weird i sit in silence on the way to my gigs, so I don't know what because if I just hear too many sounds I'm like I can't focus. I often sit in silence or with headphones on to focus. 

Deeds Magazine: How do you keep diverse audiences engaged during your sets?

DJ Skylar: It's about reading the crowd and blending different sounds to appeal to everyone.

Deeds Magazine: How do you see the DJing industry evolving in the coming years, especially for females?

DJ Skylar: We need you girls, we need you. We need to show these guys what it's about. I think more females should enter the industry. Girls, we got this. We need to do this for the girls. Representation is crucial, and we need to keep pushing for recognition.

Deeds Magazine: What advice would you give to aspiring DJs?

DJ Skylar: I'd say go to as many gigs and events as possible, download music every day even if it's just three songs, and just keep downloading, because you're never going to have enough music. Surround yourself with people who inspire you. And just keep practicing, practice makes perfect. 

Deeds Magazine: What made you want to become a DJ?

DJ Skylar: Yeah, music has always been a big part of my life. Even as a child, I was involved in singing, acting, and dancing classes. My mom would take me to stage school from around the age of 4 until I was about 16, so I was constantly surrounded by music. However, I quickly realized that singing wasn't my strong suit. That's when I decided to explore DJing. It started as a joke among my friends in school, calling me "DJ Sky!" But when I finally tried it, I fell in love with it. I fell in love with the decks.

Deeds Magazine: Are there any upcoming projects you're excited about?

DJ Skylar: I'm working on my music, some Skylar Tylaa music! Yes! And maybe headlining in London.

Deeds Magazine: Who would you like to collaborate with, and how would it influence your sound and brand?

DJ Skylar: Dua Lipa and Maphorisa are on my list. Their styles would add depth to my sound.

DJ Skylar: Hey, it's Skyla Tylaa here. Thank you, Deeds Magazine, for having me. Make sure you check it out when it comes out.