The Most Anticipated Match on the African Continent: Nigeria vs. Côte d'Ivoire in AFCON 2023 Final

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All eyes are on Africa, as the Africa Cup of Nations AFCON 2023 draws to its conclusion. Nigeria is gunning for its fourth Title, while Côte d'Ivoire seeks its third Title in what will probably be the most-watched AFCON finale yet.

The Cinderella Story continues for Côte d'Ivoire as they have defied all odds to reach the AFCON final, despite facing a challenging start to the tournament. After a shaky group stage, the team showcased remarkable resilience and determination to overcome formidable opponents in the knockout rounds. They will be facing the Nigerian Super Eagles who have displayed impressive form throughout the tournament, remaining unbeaten in their journey to the final.

You might be wondering why the 2023 AFCON is being played in 2024, well this is due to a combination of factors, including original host shifts, the COVID-19 pandemic, adverse weather conditions, and subsequent rescheduling decisions by the organizing committee. If you ask us, the wait was well worth it.

Despite the initial delays, AFCON 2023 has delivered on every front, exceeding expectations in terms of organization, quality of play, and officiating standards. Beyond the action on the field, the tournament has also been characterized by the level of friendly banter between fans of competing nations. A good example is the semi-final match played between Nigeria and South Africa dubbed the Afrobeats vs Amapiano derby.

AFCON 2023 has not only proven to showcase African footballing excellence but also a celebration of African culture and unity. From players dancing into stadiums to the beats of African music to the vibrant atmosphere in the stadiums and the trends on social media exuding African flair, the tournament has been a true reflection of Africa’s cultural richness.

While the final will determine the ultimate winner, AFCON 2023 has already made a lasting impact on the world of football. The tournament has showcased the remarkable talent and potential of African players, providing a platform especially for local league players to shine on a global stage. Furthermore, the success of the competition has solidified Africa's position as a major force in the global football landscape, setting a high standard for future editions of the tournament.

As the Super Eagles and the Elephants prepare to battle it out at the Alassane Ouattara Stadium in Abidjan, on Sunday, February 11th, at 20:00 (GMT),  football fans across the world hold their breath in anticipation. This final match is more than just a game; it is a testament to the spirit of African football—a testament to the passion, resilience, and skill that have made AFCON 2023 an unforgettable experience.