The Timeless Allure of Crochet: Crafting Culture And Sustainability

There are few things that are better than having a unique piece of clothing, especially one that’s personalised for you. That explains why crochet pieces are always a staple in the fashion industry. 

They’ve transformed from mere nostalgic pieces to a timeless modern fashion statement. Plus, everyone loves sustainable items and it’s such  a great means to express individuality and creativity.

Crochet- The Ever Rising Trend 

The crochet world is an ever-evolving one. Evolving with styles and techniques that fit into whatever is trending in the fashion world. Every day a new artisan pushes the boundary of crocheting into something more. 

There are other reasons why crochet keeps rising. 

It offers a level of customisation that is unmatched. There’s so much to explore – different textures, colours, patterns. It’s endless. Also, sustainability has been a hot topic in the fashion world. There is a lot of discussion on how the fast fashion industry is greatly endangering the planet and it’s so refreshing to see slow fashion and craftsmanship thrive.

Crochet In Contemporary Culture

The constant presence of crochet in contemporary fashion has deep cultural implications that reflect deeper in societal trends. 

At the heart of it is the commitment to individuality. We exist in an era where trends are constantly so fleeting and items are easily mass-produced. However, inside us is a persistent desire for individuality. Crochet pieces give us the opportunity to ultimately express our personal style. 

Moreover, crochet is deeply intertwined with the D-I-Y movement which emphasises craftsmanship and the art of creating. There’s so much technology around us that it becomes necessary to find solace and fulfillment away from it, and many people find that creating something beautiful with their hands provides that for them. 

Ultimately, crochet aligns with a global shift towards more conscious consumption, where consumers increasingly prioritize the environmental impact of their fashion choice.

Creators In The Crochet Community

As crochet constantly continues to hit that sweet spot in the fashion industry, it’s important that we highlight its personal impact. This is why for this feature we spoke specifically to the artisans themselves about their journeys, challenges, and favourite pieces.


Hi, my name is Zainab, and I am a Crocheter.

My favourite crochet would be my unreleased t-shirt. I don’t have a picture yet, so I’ll choose my second favourite, and that will be a crochet ruffled hat.

The pattern and floral design added a touch of elegance and sophistication to the crochet item, creating a beautiful piece that showcased the craftsmanship and attention to detail of the creator. 

The idea of me wanting to differ from other brands became a little challenge plus choosing patterns, selecting yarn and colors, and determining the size and scope of the project.

Challenges faced:

- Learning new stitches or techniques

- Maintaining consistency in tension and gauge

- Dealing with yarn tangles or knots

- Managing time and meeting deadlines

This is my favourite part.

Crocheting has totally changed my fashion game!

It's made me appreciate the beauty of handmade pieces and the artistry that goes into creating them.

I've started looking at clothing with a more creative eye, noticing the details and craftsmanship that make each piece unique.

It's like wearing a piece of art!

People need to start appreciating craft more because the versatility behind handmade isn’t a joke.

Crafting unique pieces that reflect personal style and individuality. It is important to understand the time and effort invested in creating them.”


“Hi, my name is Jola and I’m a Crocheter 

My favourite crochet piece would be a brown dress I made for myself. I was inspired by another crochet artist I follow online and wanted to recreate that piece in my own style.

For the crochet process, after selecting the color of yarn I felt comfortable with, I went ahead to begin crocheting according to my measurements which I had gotten Anyways, I continued this until I reached the size I wanted it at.

I wouldn't say I had challenges per say but it was an interesting process because that was my first time crocheting something of that sort.

Crocheting has allowed me to witness its comeback into the fashion world. These days, you can hardly turn around without seeing a crochet piece, especially at events; and they are truly head turners. The personalised nature and intricate designs of crochet pieces make them stand out in a crowd, this can only be gotten through the beauty of crochet handmade fashion.”


Hi, I’m Temitayo and I’m a Crocheter

My favourite crochet piece was inspired by my desire to create an avant-garde design with crochet. I just started designing after learning how to crochet and I was tired of making simple designs to develop my skills. So I set out to make a design that would challenge me and show me the extent I can go with crochet and that was how this design came to be.

My creative process varies; sometimes it's straightforward, and other times it's more complex. For this design, it was the latter. I began by sketching the design I envisioned and then experimented with different stitches. Through this process, I choose which stitches will fit what I had in mind and go ahead to create the design. I posted this design as my first personal design when I launched my brand and I have gotten so much impressive feedback ever since.

Yes, I faced challenges, which was expected because it was my first time creating something that complex. I avoid doubting my creativity while working on designs outside my comfort zone. Instead, I trust the process and this works a lot for me.

Crocheting has changed my perspective on fashion, as I now appreciate well-crafted designs, especially couture designs, modern elegant styles and designs that exceed the boundaries of fashion. To me, this represents the true essence of fashion, which is the ‘artistic expression of creativity’. Generally, handmade designs exceed the basic standards of wearable fashion and allows people to appreciate and feel confident in what they wear. This makes handmade designs timeless and I believe that the essence of fashion lies in creating timeless designs.”

As one can see, there’s so much to watch out for as the fashion world evolves, and it's certainly exciting to watch how crochet is experiencing an evolution of its own right along with it. Crochet aligns with sustainability as well – a fashion trend that continues to rise. 

Naturally, one can be certain that crochet would keep rising as well. With such a well-known and much-loved style of fashion being taken on by young artisans, and how it contributes to the culture, fashion lovers have much to look forward to when it comes to the innovative designers and what they promise to bring with their crochet artistry to the fashion world.