This Artist Should Be on Your Radar

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When it comes to the Canadian music scene, St. Vincent and the Grenadines born Montreal based artist Skiifall is a threat you didn’t see coming. First making his imprint with breakout hit ‘Ting Tun Up’ In 2020, the rapper has long since proven himself to be one of the most versatile and compelling Hip-Hop musicians yet. 

With a clear influence drawn from the Caribbean islands and his own twist to drill music, Skiifall is set to compete against UK’s long time favourite J Hus and recently detained Coventry based artist Pa Salieu. Here’s a list of 3 songs that best describe the vibe Skiifall brings to any sound he touches.

1. Ting Tun Up Pt. II

Since its official release in 2020, ‘Ting Tun Up Pt. II’ has been certified as Skiifall’s first breakout hit to place him on our radar. Followed by a laid back music video of a then up-coming artist looking to make his mark, ‘Ting Tun Up’ made waves as far as the UK and caught the attention of storytelling rapper Knucks, who then joined him in part Two.

One of the key element to take away from this record is Skiifall has shown to be as captivating with his raw lyrics as his unique delivery, and although this song may not provide the highest level of energy, Skiifall manages to keep you entertained throughout the course of his vocal performance.  

2. Bagga Yute

On the contrary, after the release of his debut  EP 'WOIIYOIE TAPES VOL 1’ in 2021, Skiifall took it further rhythmically with the song ‘Bagga Yute.’ As soon as the first second of this track reaches one’s ears, you can’t help but want to bop your head and try to rap along to a lively version of the Caribbean originated artist. 

For many Hip-Hop listeners, this song is a delight served on a silver platter and continues to prove why Skiifall is not a musician to take lightly. With the mixture of his energetic vocals and evident pride in carrying a strong accent to his chest, Montreal rapper sounds impeccable. 

3. What If?

As part of British producer Lil Silva latest album ‘Yesterday is Heavy’, this track may have fallen through the cracks and as a result, was missed by many of their listeners. ‘What If?’ is arguably Skiifall’s most personal song to this day and although he appears only as a feature alongside Lil Silva’s heavy instrumental, his message is loud and clear. 

Coming from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, immigrant parents who relocated to Canada when Skiifall was still a child, his journey came with a lot of hardship. In this tune, Montreal based vocalist reflects on the importance of staying true to his origins and questions where he would have been if it wasn’t for the support of culture leaders such as the late Virgil Abloh

After one truly takes the time to examine his lyrics, it is safe to say that Skiifall has a lot of layers to him and he is an artist who moves with purpose. ‘What If?’ is a side to both Skiifall and Lil Silva that rappers don’t tend to show too often. It takes fortitude and talents like them to push the envelope and be vulnerable to a majority Hip-Hop audience.