THROUGH MY LENS : David Akello (Photographer/ Videographer)

Allow me to introduce you to David Akello, a talented photo and videographer hailing from Winnipeg, Canada. David's rich heritage is a fusion of Ugandan and Congolese roots, which has undoubtedly influenced his unique perspective on the world of pop culture.

David's work is characterized by a deep commitment to capturing the essence of pop culture in its most authentic form. He's a storyteller behind the lens, dedicated to the art of preserving moments without artificiality. His philosophy is rooted in the belief that regardless of one's background, true success can be achieved through unwavering dedication, persistent effort, and a profound respect for the world around us.

David Akello's journey in the world of photography and videography is a testament to the power of cultural diversity, hard work, and an unshakable passion for authenticity. Through his lens and his brand, he champions the cause of artists and creators, striving to create a global community where their talents can shine brightly and undiminished.