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UAX, the man and the mind behind the captivating visuals for some of our favorite artists, takes us through the journey of his transition into the music scene, moving from behind the camera to center stage.

The name UAX, being a very distinctive stage name, means a variety of things at different moments, but the one constant in the name is the ‘X’ which represents experience. “I want everything UAX to feel like an experience. I want to create and be a part of beautiful experiences”.

Finding art and exploring ideas for his own personal inquiry, UAX never felt the need to compete, rather he took pleasure in soaking up the creative atmosphere he found himself in. The first creative avenue UAX explored was Photography, going through this route helped him set up his vision and aesthetic. “The more like minded people i met, the more i felt the urge to expand my hand into film/music videos. The industry at the time needed a little kick, vibe wise and I feel like I answered the call.” Indeed, he answered the call as seen in the visuals of; Tems’ ‘Crazy Tings’, ‘The Key’, as well as Lojay’s ‘ Leader’ just to name a few.

Speaking more about music, “Music on the other hand is a call I answered long ago”. Although this is something he has always been passionate about, he took his time to craft his sound ensuring his music connects to listeners in the best way possible, “it’s my most authentic way of being and expressing myself”.  Finally, the moment came when he decided to share his music with the rest of the world. “I just reached the point where i couldn’t hold it in anymore, i want to share stories in songs and have the world relate with me on that level”.

Earlier this year, UAX serenaded our ears with his debut single ‘Evergreen’. The project captures the playful and positive perspective of ‘Love & Hustle’. “The songs are real and I think there’s a vibe for everyone there. After you listen, you’re going to feel; love, truth, pain, euphoric, like you are in the deepest part of your mind. The parts you don’t go to often but think about a lot and then some”.

Listening to the project, the general vibe it presents is rather soothing, UAX gives credit to Chillz, the producer of the record, for being the main inspiration behind the sound. “I knew I wanted to sing those lyrics over a smooth beat, but I didn’t want it too far from home. The instrumental embodied that so I bodied it”. On the other hand, referring more to other artistic inspirations “if i was to curate an artist package that inspired this style i’ll say; Kanye, Dido, Sade, M.kiwanuka.

With Evergreen being his introductory project as an ‘Artist to watch’, we can only imagine the whirlwind of emotions he was experiencing leading up to the release, “fun, anxious. There’s 100 thoughts every minute. Going back and forth between why I’m here, what’s going to happen and how it’s going to happen. But after those waves i’m just happy to be here, making music i love and being heard”.

Not long after his debut, he had a few performances lined up such as the Alte Culture Festival as well as the Toronto leg of the SDC (Show Dem Camp) tour. “It still feels new everytime i step on stage. I’m learning to balance a lot but I love the experience of connecting with people. It’s a divine feeling to move a group of people with something you created. I want to do more”.

Moving away from the conversation on music, he speaks about his style fashion wise, “my style is clean and laid back. Simple, casual but elevated. My go-to Nigerian brands are I.N Official and TJ Who”

UAX is definitely one of the artists on our radar and we can’t wait to see what he has in store next. “The plan is to keep exploring myself creatively, finding new ways to connect with the world, challenging my heart and staying alive. Making stuff is my greatest joy and I plan to do it for life. #Evergreen”.

What inspired the theme or concept of your Album, and how does it reflect your journey or experiences as an artiste?

• I’m inspired every day by my life, films, feelings, and that of the people around me. I paused directing videos to focus on my sound and Love&Hustle, tells a story many artists face, Following passion vs navigating life. I’m thankful that I can create on many levels and right now I’m enjoying making music.

Can you share a bit about the creative process behind one of the tracks on your Album? Any interesting stories or challenges you encountered while working on it

• “Lagos 2 Crazy” - I like walking/running to clear my head. Abuja is good for that, plus you can hike. The idea for the song came on one of those hikes, in the evening too. It was one of those periods when life was moving mad. When Lagos gets too hot, this song is a good daydream.

How do you feel this Album represents your growth and evolution as an artist, particularly in the context of the Afrobeats genre?

• I’ve come a long way from demo tapes and I’m happy to have this album of fire songs ready to go.  Love & Hustle is very fresh Rnb & Afrobeats fusion, can’t wait to share.”