Unveiling 10TEN's Musical Journal, 1823

In an exclusive interview with Deeds Magazine, 10TEN, the innovative A&R executive at Chocolate City, opens up about his upcoming album, 1823. From his early days as an artist and songwriter to his current role at Chocolate City, 10TEN shares his insights, challenges, and the inspiration behind his upcoming album.

Deeds: How would you describe the evolution of Chocolate City's sound since you began shaping its A&R strategy in 2019?

10TEN: Before I joined, Chocolate City had a reputation for producing music with substance. MI and Toda, who were hands-on and passionate, set a solid foundation that I studied well. Being hands-on myself, it was easy to continue on that path.

Deeds: How has your personal journey influenced your approach to shaping Chocolate City's A&R strategy since 2019?

10TEN: As an artist, I used to create music all night and think about who could probably do it better than me before sending it to them. I've always loved helping artists. I wrote so much that I even wrote for DMW at one point—Ichaba ft. Mayorkun, Mr. 2Kay. I also wrote for churches. My friends didn't get it, and I didn't either until I discovered A&R. By the time I joined Chocolate City, I was well-versed in the craft.

Deeds: What inspired the direction of your upcoming album, and how does it reflect your growth as an artist?

10TEN: My project, 1823, tells a story. It's a journal of my time in the industry, performed by the artists I met during 2018-2019. It's both a message and a CV for everyone who knew, knows, or will know me. It's a music and music business template. Working closely with all these artists gave me insights I never thought I needed as a creative. What better way to learn than by watching people?

Deeds: Can you discuss the significance of your collaboration with Qing Madi and what you hope listeners take away from the song?

10TEN: Madi is one of the artists I tried to sign. I discovered her back in 2021. Our first session together produced "See Finish," which catapulted her into stardom. I'm a part of her story, and she’s part of mine. 1823 is a journal expressed by the people I met from 2018-2023, so it’s only fitting that she helps convey this message of hope, which I'm very passionate about. Without hope, we’re lost.

Deeds: What challenges did you encounter while working on your upcoming album, and how did you overcome them?

10TEN: The main challenge was constantly having to explain the goal because the concept is quite different. It took me a while to understand that this is usual with innovative ideas. I overcame this by always thinking, "It’s a them problem, not mine." 😂

Deeds: How do you plan to engage with your fans during the release of your upcoming album?

10TEN: As much as I hate being in front of the cameras, I've had to come out of my shell for this period—photoshoots, video shoots, and social media content. I'll be in your faces! I’m also active on Twitter, so yeah!

Deeds: What do you hope listeners feel or experience when they listen to your upcoming album.

10TEN: I hope they connect on a personal level because I’m getting the artists to be as vulnerable as it gets