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Who is Brazy? describe yourself in a few sentences 

Brazy is a vibe, there’s not much to say. Meet her and you’ll get what I mean.

Was there a particular song growing up that made you want to make music? 

Not really you know. My family love listening to music though, there was never silence in my house. I used to do rap battles with my mum… she would rap Mary J Blige and I’ll rap Nicki Minaj. Who would’ve thought I would end up making music of my own.

Photographed by: Satori Cascoe

What themes do you explore when making music?

It’s Afro-Sexy Afro Future! This encapsulates themes such as confidence; bad bitchery; innovation; being a leader; believing in your swag… the list goes on

Everyone keeps calling you an “Alte scene girl” What does that entail?

Funnily, I wouldn’t say I’m an “Alte scene girl”. The “Alte” movement is family, but I’m Afro-Sexy.

Does culture matter in your music, style and overall persona?

Culture is everything. My Nigerian culture is the stand out in my music, style and personality for sure… you have the heavy Yoruba influence in the music and dance as well the confidence in how I dress and present myself. The places I travel to and other cultures I experience also have a huge influence, I’m constantly learning and evolving my swag.

Photographed by: Satori Cascoe

Your Instagram bio says “Afro sexy, Afro future” What does that mean/stand for? 

Literally what it says. I’m African, the music is sexy, the listeners are sexy, the movement is sexy. And it’s the future because you’ve never heard anything like it before but soon it’s all you’ll be hearing… not ahead of it’s time, but creating the time.

Was 2023 a particular stand-out year? List some highlights 

Performing around the world, seeing people in different cities vibing to my music. 

What was the mood the day you recorded “Daddy”? 

This is such a funny question because I was exhausted and recording was the last thing I wanted to do. Wrote it super quick and recorded it in one take. I just wanted to go home tbh but once I heard the playback I was like shitttt thennnn… this is a hit, let’s go! And the dancing began hahaha. 

Photographed by: Satori Cascoe

As we dawn on the new year, what are we leaving behind?, and taking with us? Do you have some dream collaborations?

The list is endless but I would love to collaborate with Dj Yk Mule.

What does style mean to you? 

Knowing who you are and owning it.

Where are you from? Let’s paint the picture, tell me about growing up in your ends?

I’m Nigerian. Growing up in Lagos entirely shaped who I am today, you can’t get that kind of audacity anywhere else

Pick the following tracks: 

A song for wash day

The whole of Wizkid Superstar album

A song to calm your nerves 

Eji Owuro - Juls, Moelogo

Photographed by: Satori Cascoe

A song that you wish you’d have produced/written

Fireflies - Owl City

What’s a must-do to get you in the mood for songwriting? 

I get up and dance. 

Who inspires your sound, let’s build a house, who is the blueprint?

I’m inspired most by the music I listen to. I listen to anything and everything, if I like it, I like it. I feel like you can hear that in my sound, I really just do what I feel and blend all the information I’ve absorbed together in Brazy’s way.

Who’s your favourite producer?

Parked Up! He made omg and a bunch of my fav unreleased tracks

What are you currently listening to?

Lots of Tope Alabi

Any last words?