Zenesoul Remerges With Soul Piercing Single ‘KEOTR’

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Juno award nominated Nigerian-Canadian singer Zenesoul, is back with another soul piercing music that every woman needs to hear.

The rising music star who has released various electrifying singles including That Love’  ‘Glowingand I will not be Silenced comes back with yet another smashing single KEOTR.

KEOTR is a vivid testament that Zenesoul’s evolving artistry ever since her released debut EP Worth has tremendously grown and is ready for the global recognition she deserves. The single which is a vibrant melody infusion of distinct genres of Afropop, R&B, Alte and Neo-soul serves as an ode to Zenesouls’s incredible journey on finding true love whilst embracing oneself.

Though a love song, KEOTR is an ode to women about making bold choices of not ever settling for anything less than what they truly deserve. Such bold lyrical take on ditching toxic relationships and staying true to your authentic essence has proven not only pleasing to the ears but also soothing to the soul, a consistent achievement Zenesoul has achieved in her musical journey.

As KEOTR lyrical rhythm takes you on an exciting journey, its accompanying music video further brings justice to the song and enhances its deep message . The video, which was shot in Nigeria, directed and produced by Nigerian filmmaker Mic Daviz and video producer Tfry respectively, had the Brampton-based star embrace her Nigerian roots while celebrating her uniqueness as a black woman going after what she truly wants in relationships. Speaking further about the inspiration behind KEOTR, Zenesoul says, “This song is inspired by me wanting to create something uplifting despite the toxic energy that I feel is outside when it comes to the dating world. It’s a reminder to myself and others to keep being a good person and to continue to love regardless of it all. Everything may be falling apart but keep eye on the road and maintain who you are ''. About the accompanying music video, she adds, “This video is probably one of my favourite videos! Everything came together beautifully! The inspiration for the video was to show a strong African woman who will not lose herself and I believe this video captured that perfectly”.

It is quite evident that Zenesoul’s musical tales about her journey on love resonates with her listeners through her songs, but what makes KEOTR very special is particularly the nostalgic feeling.  It takes us on a journey of knowing that what you want truly exists, if only you are bold enough to fully embrace your authenticity. As Zenesoul’s KEOTR takes us on a soft beat musical ride that brings joy to our ears, we can say for sure this is so far the songstress best work yet with many to come.